irish - Leaving Cert oral - sraith : 10 recordings & scripts

  • Teacher
    Pearse Ahern
  • Level
    Leaving Certificate Higher
  • Duration
    10 recordings & Scripts
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Sraith Pictiúr
The oral is worth 40% (240 marks) which is bigger than Paper 1 or Paper 2 and it really is the best place to pick up marks. You must do well here if you aim to get a good result in Irish overall. It is worth noting that of the 240 marks available the sraith is worth 80. Scripts will be provided for each picture series but take on board the scripts are an access point into the language. It is not planned that you would learn all 10 off by heart. They are written from a pool of phrases that allow the student not to be overly reliant on memory work but rather you can draw on that material and use it for a variety of situations. It is risky to try and learn (10 scripts) x (3 mins each) and if you go without a backup system you could be faced with a scenario where you draw a blank and this would really throw you off line during the oral where confidence is critical due to the short time run involved. You need to start well as there is little time for a recovery if things go a little off track so to speak. INTERNALISE (a little) DON’T MEMORISE ( a load).
Pearse has over 15 years experience in secondary schools. Pearse was awarded first class honours for his Masters Thesis to DCU outlining theories on how to improve second language proficiency. He has worked with the State Examinations Commission and is currently a Cúntóir Teagaisc in Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge which is part of DCU.

What to expect:

10 x recordings of Sraith Pictiur.
10 x scripts.
Recorded classes: you will have access to the recordings so you can replay them at your own pace and practice as often as you like.
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Please note fees are non-refundable.

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A big thank you to Mr O'Leary. His lessons gave me fundamental maths skills, excellent exam tips and advice and confidence in my maths ability. Mr O'Leary's advice, "when you don’t know what to do, do what you know“ helped me to start all exam questions, and that first step led the way to a grade I am so proud of.
Thanks so much to Eoghan for all his support over the last 2 years. Thanks to Eoghan, I got a H2 in the exam. I am delighted.
Can’t thank Eoghan enough for all his help. He answered every question I had and I’m 100% sure, I wouldn’t have got a H1 without his help. Thank you so much.
Highly recommend Mr. O’Leary’s classes. Such a nice person who puts in so much effort to each lesson. He gives time to each student and answers every question! Really good environment in the classes which also encouraged everyone to work hard.