Terms of Use

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1. www.thetuitioncentre.ie (the Centre) provides online tuition/ grinds and intensive revision courses (the Courses) to students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle examinations (the Student). All classes are recorded and accessible to students for the duration of the academic period, until the State Exam. The Tuition Centre also provides online courses in other areas of learning including and not limited to courses for parents and adults. The Tuition Centre provides some in person courses at The Allin Institute, Bandon, Co. Cork.

2. The Centre provides a supportive environment that facilitates and encourages learning. All staff, students and their parents / guardians must behave in a manner that is civil and respectful at all times.

3. The Centre reserves the right to decline an enrolment from any student. The Centre also reserves the right to withdraw its services from any Student for a breach of discipline, the definition of which is at the sole discretion of the Centre management.

4. For any course requiring student cameras on, students must behave in an appropriate manner. There must be no sharing of any class images. Any student found in breach of this will immediately have their course access cancelled and will be blocked from all Tuition Centre courses. 

5. The Centre must be notified in writing if a students course details must not be discussed with the parent not on the account.

6. All Course details (as found on www.thetuitioncentre.ie) outline the content and objectives of each Course. The Student is responsible for determining that the course enrolled on is appropriate for their needs.

7. The Centre reserves the right to amend the Course detail, including the course structure, content and staff.

8. In the unlikely event that a Course is cancelled all fees will be refunded.

9. Should a student cancel their course when paying by direct debit, they will lose access to the course and all recordings and notes associated with it.

10. Students may not attend classes that they are not timetabled for. If a student is found attending classes for which they are not timetabled, they will be excluded from the Course and all future Courses.

11. Students are only entitled to notes for classes for which they are enrolled.

12. Views or opinions expressed by teachers during the course are entirely their own. The School does not accept liability for advice given or views expressed by teachers or in any notes or documentation provided to Students.

13. All contact information provided by the Student (including parent/ guardian contact details) during the enrolment process may be used for marketing communications regarding other courses and offers for up to two years after the end of Courses. Student contact information will be given to the relevant teacher to facilitate communication throughout the Course. Students may request that they do not receive information about other or future courses, by contacting our office.

14. We will never share your contact information with a third party.

15. All notes and associated material distributed by the Centre as part of the Courses, remain the property of the Centre. Students may not copy, distribute, extract or reuse any part of the information provided, for any purpose, other than their personal preparation and study of the subject matter covered in the notes.

16. We will send all information relating to the Student account, e.g. payment authorisations, invoices, class access details, in electronic form only to the email address provided during registration.

17. If a Student is unable to attend their enrolled Course, the Student will still receive access to the class recordings and class notes. The Centre will not provide a refund or credit for classes not attended.

18. In the event that a student is unable to attend for medical reasons (supported by medical documentation) the school may consider a refund. Decision to grant a refund will be at the sole discretion of the Management. A 10% administration charge will be applied for processing. Refund requests will not be considered in any other circumstances.

19. These Terms of Use will be governed in accordance with Irish law.    

These Terms of Use were last updated 18 January 2024.