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Free LC HL Pre Exams for
Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Accounting

Our expert teachers have set FREE Higher Level Leaving Cert exams in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Accounting for you to practice before your state exams in June. Taking these exams gives you the chance to test yourself and measure how you have improved since your Mock Exams. You will learn how to correct your own exams and find out where you are losing marks! Students tell us that their confidence improves after taking these exams, because they can see they are making progress towards their desired grade.

Our FREE PRE EXAMS include:
  • A pre exam paper for each LC HL subject:  Maths (2 Papers); Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Accounting. 
  • A marking scheme to self-correct the exam.
  • Video explanations of the answers.
  • A debrief session filled with feedback and advice.
Our FREE Pre EXAMs are

Written By Experts

Our expert teachers have years of teaching and exam experience, many of them are authors of books for their subject areas.
  • Our Head of Maths, Eoghan O'Leary has set our Maths exam paper.
  • Dr Declan Cathcart is providing our Biology exam paper.
  • John O'Sullivan is setting our Chemistry exam paper.
  • Shaun Holly has set our Physics exam paper.
  • James Kelly Trant has set our Accounting exam paper.
Written by Expert Teachers

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Get Your Free Pre Maths or Chemistry Exams
Corrected by a Professional

Each Free Pre Exam comes with a marking scheme and free guidance on how to correct your paper. As an extra, we are also offering professional correction for students who want an unbiased, professional assessment. Know exactly where you stand before your exams in June.

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