Our aim is to help you to reach your potential and achieve your highest grade possible in your State Exams. We know what you need to know.

Our highest quality weekly online grinds are delivered live by our outstanding team of very experienced teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of your subject and of how to apply that knowledge with confidence when it comes to your State Exams. Our revision courses offer you an excellent opportunity to gain greater clarity and understanding of your subject. All grinds and courses are recorded giving you the opportunity to rewatch them as often as you need.

How do we help?

All of our grinds are live. They are recorded so you have access to all the class recordings accompanied by comprehensive class notes.

We offer a wide range of excellent pre-recorded lessons that you can access in your own time and review at your own pace.

Revision Courses


Christmas Revision Courses

Easter Revision Courses

Our Teachers

We are confident that regardless of the class you choose, you are connecting with an experienced teacher with intimate knowledge of their subject and the exam requirements, meaning that you are best positioned to reach your potential.

Who we are

The Tuition Centre was born in early 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Word of the high-quality grinds we were offering quickly spread and today students from all over the country are enrolled in our classes.
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Our team of outstanding teachers has been teaching face to face grinds for many years. All of our teachers bring these years of experience and knowledge to our online grinds, pre-recorded classes and revision courses.
We are delighted to be helping more and more students around the country to achieve the best results possible in their Junior and Leaving Certificate Exams.
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