Online, Face-to-Face and Pre-Recorded

Maths Grinds

We offer live online, face-to-face and pre-recorded maths grinds for both Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle.


When it comes to online Maths grinds, there’s something special about tuning in to a live session. It provides an extra level of focus, and simply knowing that other students are also watching things live is a great form of moral support.

Online Leaving Cert Maths grinds seem that much more manageable when you realise that you’re not the only one in the country who’s struggling! For Higher or Ordinary Level Leaving Cert Maths grinds, you’ll find that motivation comes that bit more easily when you’re studying in a group of likeminded students of a similar ability.
But what happens when you can’t be online to enjoy the live experience? Don’t worry! All our online Maths grinds - our online Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths grinds and our online Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Maths grinds - are recorded, so you can play them back, as often as you need to, whenever and wherever suits you.


From our many years of experience, we appreciate that not all students have the same levels of ability. Equally, they will not all require the same outcomes. For some, it may be a matter of achieving a minimum standard, while for others, it may be about achieving top available marks to facilitate their pathway to a demanding third level course.

This is why we have developed such a wide range of courses, to make sure that the course you sign up for is designed in accordance with your very specific needs. Choices such as our online Leaving Cert Maths grinds is just one example of our extensive range of student supports.
So whether you’re interested in Higher Level Leaving Cert Maths grinds or Junior Cycle Maths grinds, at whatever level you prefer, we’ve got you covered. And that’s not to mention a host of short, snappy revision modules or highly practical and useful pre-exam tips. This is particularly useful when tackling one of our online Leaving Cert Maths grinds.

We provide the support you need to succeed

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We fully accept that your current teachers are doing the very best job they can, but with large classroom numbers to manage, along with students of varying degrees of ability, they are often at a disadvantage from the very start. It’s no wonder that we have such a demand for our online Leaving Cert Maths grinds.
Secondly, we specialize in making the seemingly complex simple. So concepts that may be eluding you in your daytime classes suddenly come to life as they’re explained in newer and better ways. This is one of the real strengths of our online Leaving Cert Maths grinds – and a host of other subjects too.

At The Tuition Centre, however, our online Maths grinds – and grinds in all our subjects - are completely different. For a start, our students are grouped based on their ability and their level of commitment, so you’ll be studying alongside genuine peers.

Then there’s the fact that, should you run into any difficulties, our expert tutors are on hand to support you in whatever way you may need, making sure that you remain confident about pursuing – and passing – your targeted subjects.  

And finally, we make revision easier than ever with our extensive student notes. This means that you don’t have to go back over a full online course, but can simply revise the more important points of that particular lecture.

Affordable Online Maths Grinds

At The Tuition Centre, we don’t believe that you have to pay an arm and a leg for the best available online Maths grinds – or for grinds in any other subjects, for that matter. That’s why we work so hard to keep our prices reasonable and affordable. Our Higher Leaving Cert Maths  or Junior Cert Maths grinds are living proof of this.  

Our most extensive courses cost just €560, while we also offer a host of modules to help you study better absolutely free of charge.  

And remember that our courses may well be the difference between getting the third level course you want or having to settle for something else. So isn’t it an investment in yourself that’s genuinely worth making?

Our Tutors Care

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Ultimately, our reputation is only as good as the tutors who represent us. We pride ourselves on having built up the finest group of tutors available in any online grind school. Not only are they gifted teachers and instructors, but they also care deeply about the success of their students.  

The tutorial support you’ll receive for Higher Leaving Cert Maths  or Junior Cert Maths grinds is particularly noteworthy, and we’ve made a very special name for ourselves in this area.   

Regardless of whether you’re looking for maximum points or simply need a pass in a particular subject, they take a deeply personal interest in your success, and are as excited as any student on results day.  

Proof of this fact is the number of students who come back to us – perhaps looking to improve their Leaving Cert scores after successfully studying with us for their Junior Cert.  

And we’re also proud to say that much of our business comes from referrals. Our students are more than happy to recommend us to their classmates, their friends or their siblings – and that’s really the ultimate proof that we can deliver on our promises to you!

Don't take our word for it
Here's What Our Students Say About Us 

We could make all sorts of promises about how good our grinds are, but at the end of the day, the only people who can really sing our praises are students who have taken our courses in the past.  
Check out what these former students have to say about us – particularly about our Higher Leaving Cert Maths  and Junior Cert Maths grinds - we think you’ll be seriously impressed