Junior CERTIFICATE higher level

Irish Higher Level Easter Revision Course

  • Teacher
    Clara Coll
  • Exam
    Junior Certificate
  • Level
    Higher Level
  • Learning Mode
    Live online
  • Duration
    2 x 1.5 Hours
  • Days
    Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April
  • Time
    13:30 - 15:00

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Meet Your Teacher

Clara Coll

Clara is an Irish and Business Studies teacher from the Gaeltacht in Co. Donegal where is currently teaching in a Gaelcholáiste. She is a fluent Irish speaker.

With numerous years of experience teaching in different school settings, Clara has also spent some time working as a teagascóir na Gaeilge in the Irish Department in Maynooth University. Clara has worked with the State Examinations Commission as both an oral and a written examiner. 

Clara has a 'grá laidir' for our native language and is excited to help and encourage you to enjoy our language. She will help clarify this subject for you and ensure that you approach your exams with confidence and with a deeper understanding of Junior Cycle Irish.
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What will be
Covered in this Course

Day 1: 
How to get to grips with the dreaded Cluastuiscint - we will look at the key tricks to getting a good mark in the aural section. We will focus on key question words/stór focal in relation to different topics that come up on the CT etc. You will also tune your ear into the different dialects that you will come across.
Léamhthuiscint - we will focus on how to get a good mark in this section - Ceist 5 is where you can pick up easy marks because the answer is right there in front of you! We will focus on question words and the personal opinion question at the end.
Ceapadóireacht - This is your written piece. You could be asked to write a diary entry/an email/a formal or informal letter/ an invitation/a speech etc. We will look at previous topics that came up  and how to get the best mark you can in this question. The three key things here are structure/subject of written piece and your Gaeilge (spelling/sentence structure/Gramadach).
Gramadach - We test our knowledge on the fill in the blanks and multiple choice Gramadach questions. We will look at the gramadach pieces that came up in previous papers. A quick revision of the Aimsir Chaite/ Aimsir Láithreach/Aimsir Fhaistineach srl.

Day 2: 
Focusing on the litríocht. We will cover the Úrscéal/Gearrscéal/Dán/Amhrán/Gearrscannán/Dráma srl. We will look at previous questions asked on SEC papers and at sample answers. We will focus on reading and understanding the questions asked as this is where a lot of students lose marks due to misreading the questions and rushing to answer it. 
Live, interactive and exam-focused online course to help you achieve your best grade possible.

Recorded course: you will have access to the recordings so you can replay them at your own pace, as often as you like.

High quality comprehensive notes.
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