11 Day 5P Maths Challenge

  • Teacher
    Daire Shaw
  • Exam
    European Baccalaureate
  • Level
    S7 Maths 5P
  • Duration
    11 Days
  • Learning Mode
    Live online
  • Time
    7 - 8 PM CET
  • Date
    30 May - 9 June


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Meet Your Teacher

Daire Shaw

The 11 Day Maths Challenge for S7 5P consists of 11 masterclasses condensing each of the main EB Maths topics into the essentials. Daire will provide you with the formulae, tips and techniques you need to succeed in Bac exams. Beginning on May 30th, the classes will take place online at 7 PM for the 11 evenings before the Bac exams.

This challenge is designed to support students in the lead up to your exams in June. It will give you structure, focus and access to a teacher with a proven track record and unparalleled expertise in European Baccalaureate Maths.

Daire has a strong capacity for finding the missing details to facilitate learning and an ability to find explanations which work for a variety of learners. He is a dynamic teacher who is interested in the overall education and development of his students. He prides himself on putting the fun into the fundamentals of Maths. 
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Why join the 11 Day Maths Challenge?

  • This challenge is designed to help you maximise your performance in the European Baccalaureate 5P exam.

  • Over the 11 nights before the EB Maths exam, Daire will guide you through the EB 5P Maths course.

  • He will cover each topic in detail, structuring and focussing your Maths revision for you.

  • You will review the key Maths concepts and have access to recordings of the lessons and notes right up to exam day.

  • Daire will provide you with lots of tips, strategies and predictions for you to maximise your performance on exam day.

    Manage your stress and build your Maths confidence. 

What will be covered?

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  • Complex numbers Part A
  • Complex numbers Part B
  • Sequences and series Part A
  • Sequences and series Part B
  • Geometry in space Part A
  • Geometry in space Part B
  • Analysis Part A
  • Analysis Part B
  • Probability Part A
  • Probability Part B
  • Tips and last practice
  • Feedback from The 2023 Maths Challenge

    Here is what our participating students from last year said after they successfully completed the challenge.

    "I can structure my work now"

    I haven't felt overwhelmed or lost like I was when I first looked at all the maths I had to study for the exam. It has helped me understand how to structure my answers and not overwrite like I usually tend to do and it helped me feel more confident that I will be able to do similar questions during the exam.

    "It really helped me calm my nerves"

    The challenge helped me to calm down my nerves and stress because it forced me into a schedule of practice. I enjoyed it a lot.

    "I liked the teacher a lot"

    It was very helpful and the teacher was very formal and engaging but also fun. I felt like I could ask questions when I needed to.

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