Deliberate Practice: A Cornerstone of Successful Outcomes

May 2

As June swiftly approaches, bringing with it the weight of State exams, parents and students are looking for ways to improve outcomes.

This is why The Tuition Centre offers Free Pres in a range of Leaving Cert subjects to students at the end of April and beginning of May.

Doing a Free Pre allows students to identify their areas of strength and also their areas of weakness. A key component of maximising exam performance is identifying areas of weakness and focusing on them to ensure targeted improvement. In other words, using focussed and deliberate practice to improve outcomes.

Deliberate Practice, as opposed to the more passive repetition of Standard Practice is used in the world of business and sport to achieve excellence. It emphasises targeted effort, aiming to focus on weaknesses to convert them into strengths, and ensures that every practice session brings students one step closer to their goal.

For many, the February Mock exams served as a first glimpse into the world of State exams. This initial dive is crucial, offering students a real taste of the exam environment and format, which is invaluable for easing exam jitters and setting a realistic gauge of their current level.

However, The Tuition Centre's Free Pre exams are a more timely guide of actual performance, taking place just weeks before the final exam. These exams offer students a real chance to measure their progress. Feedback from both students and educators confirms the effectiveness of these Pre exams in predicting final results.

The Free Pres will help students:

·       pinpoint areas needing improvement

·       enhance retention through active engagement with the material

·       encourage efficient time management

·       gain confidence through practice.

In summary, The Tuition Centre's Free Pres are an excellent resource that offer students a practical way to identify gaps in their learning so they can focus on these in their everyday study. This ensures they are not just prepared but poised to excel in their State exams.

Students can register for The Tuition Centre Free Pres here: