Regional Geography - 30M H1 Answers

  • Teacher
    Dan Sheedy
  • Exam
    Leaving Certificate
  • Level
    Higher & Ordinary Level
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Meet Your Teacher

Dan Sheedy

Dan is a superb Geography teacher with over 20 years experience. He will help clarify this subject for you and ensure that you approach your exams with confidence and with a deeper understanding of Leaving Certificate Geography.

He has written three textbooks and has also written Leaving Certificate Mock papers for 11 years. His insight into the subject and what is required in the exam is invaluable.
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Why book this course?

Created by Dan Sheedy, these notes provide sample H1 answers to all the topics in Regional Geography including:

  • Questions on Irish Regions
  • Questions on European Regions
  • Questions on a Sub-Continental Region
  • Questions on the European Unions

80% of Dan's students achieved a H1 or H2 last year (50% achieved a H1)
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