Feedback from the Class of 2022 - Maths

The 2022 Leaving Certificate students share their experience of The Tuition Centre.
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I'm really happy with my Maths result as it pushed my points up. I remember my teacher telling me to drop higher level Maths. I found Mr O’Leary online after my mocks and I joined all his classes. I wished I found him during my 5 year or 6 year I 'm still delighted and happy I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart the work you do for the students how you help and made Maths easier for us. I will always be thankful. I hope you continue to help as many students as you can over the years to come. We all need a great teacher like you Thank you again Sir. God bless you with long life and health. 😊
I am so delighted. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I got a H4 in Leaving Cert Maths. My grades only started to improve after I began maths grinds with Mr. O' Leary. Despite the immediate improvement, I struggled a lot with my mock exam and ultimately failed. Mr. O' Leary convinced me to stay in Higher level and sent me additional resources for the topics I struggled with the most. I 100% definitely owe this grade to the Tuition Centre and I couldn't be more grateful!!
Absolutely over the moon! In fifth year I would have never imagined a H1, THANKS FOR ALL YOU HELP!!
I was so happy with my result in maths. I am happy beyond belief. I’m writing this at home speaking with the utmost thanks and respect.  

Without those grinds I wouldn’t have received a H4 and instead I pulled out a H2. I really do hope that you are extremely proud of the work that you do for students. I know if I didn’t enrol in your grinds I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the H2.

I must say one thing, you have helped so many students in my year by simply showing up each week to give those grinds. Like when you corrected my Tuition Centre Pre and you told me I was capable of a H1. Hearing you saying to me that you believed I was going to get good results changed my belief about all my subjects - not just maths. You taught I could do something good. I got (believe it or not) 589 points.  

My leaving cert and so much beyond maths is because you had a belief that I could do something good when other teachers didn’t. I hope that you continue to help people like me who were told they weren’t going to be anything. I will thank for everything for a long time.
I genuinely don’t think I would have achieved a H1 without Mr O’Leary. I think the saying of “if you don’t know what to do, do what you know” really helped me keep my calm when it felt like I was losing a grasp on the question
Hi John, Just contacting you regarding your chemistry course. I received a H1 and found your course very helpful in rapid revision. I liked how fast paced the classes were and I found the test worksheets to be very helpful for focusing in on important exam questions. Thank you for the course! 
Mr O’Leary made me fall in love with maths.
Can’t believe my grade, I improved so much by doing the grinds with Mr O’Leary. He was so helpful and really great at explaining tricky questions which definitely helped me to understand maths more and achieve my grade!
Eoghan is the reason that I achieved my H1, he was absolutely fantastic! If there's anything I would recommend, it would be his grinds
In maths I got an 03 which I am very happy with. I found the notes very helpful and useful, they were well laid out and easy to understand. They did improve my grade and I have already recommended to a friend. Thank you Horst.
Couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing teacher
Hi John,  I just wanted to let you know I’m over the moon with my Chemistry results and managed to get the H1 !! The grinds, revision courses and especially your pre paper were certainly a massive help to me.  I always struggled with the calculations in the experiment questions but I was able to fly through them in the exam.
I literally cant believe it, I am so so happy. All the hard work over the past year paid off, going to grinds every week. Thank you so so much
All I can say is I would’ve never had the confidence to even sit the higher level paper if I didn’t sign up for these grinds. They were so helpful and more importantly built my confidence in your maths ability which is half the battle for higher level!!
I got an O3 in my Maths exam. I think the TTC revision classes really helped me, particularly in paper 2. I will definitely recommend them to my friends entering 6th year.
I feel indebted to Eoghan, totally and completely.
Overwhelmed - So happy.
Hi John, I taught myself chemistry throughout fifth and sixth year as my school didn’t offer it as a subject. This of course was rather challenging and at times I wondered would I even pass the exam! Your classes were beyond helpful. I had done multiple other online grinds and classes and yours certainly helped the most. I am delighted to say that I got a H2 in chemistry!! Your teaching style, exam advice and dedication played no small role in my result. Thank you so much!!
I’m so over the moon, I genuinely believe I wouldn't have got the H1 without the help of The Tuition Centre. Even saying that he believed in us was reassuring.
There is no possible way I would have got the result I did today in maths without Mr. O’Leary’s help. A H3 is insane and something I never thought possible. I honestly can’t recommend or thank Mr O’Leary enough.
To come out with a H2 in maths is really a dream come true, and that’s all thanks to Eoghan O’Leary. He gave me that extra boost of confidence that I had lost and really drove me on to fly through maths paper 1 and maths paper 2. Thank you so much to Mr O’Leary and the tuition centre!
Absolutely class, it just shows hard work always goes a long way also if you put your mind to something you will achieve it.
Thanks for all your help, I got a H1 in Chemistry and found your notes and predictions very helpful in the run up to the exam, it allowed me to focus on specific parts of the course and make it seem not as overwhelming. You also explained the calculations really well and helped me understand.
Mr O’Leary literally saved my life. Your grinds laid everything out in a clear and simple way that made me much more confident in my abilities, and really helped me achieve my goals. Thanks!!
Delighted/relieved Mr O'Leary helped boost my confidence to persevere.
Delighted with the result. Mr O’Leary’s classes were at the pace and level of detail that I required to get the result. The tuition centre definitely played a vital role in achieving it.
I am overwhelmed with joy. Ecstatic about my result.
Absolutely delighted! Mr O’Leary seemed to be motivated in wanting all his students succeed and was a great help to me.
I honestly don’t think I could of got anywhere near the grade I got without the maths grinds. They were a massive help and went through absolutely everything, couldn’t recommend more .
I just wanted to reply to this email and say thanks a million . In 5th year and 6th year I never
passed a class test or if I did it was extremely low . I got a H5 in my pres and jumped up to a
H3 in the Leaving Cert with help from your teaching and course . The 8 days up to the
leaving cert was very beneficial. I’m absolutely delighted with my result and I’d really
recommend the courses to anyone struggling or anyone who wants to improve their grade.
Mr O’Leary saved my Leaving Cert. Without this grinds I genuinely would have failed maths and I achieved a H4.
I’m really happy, the grinds helped a lot!
Happily surprised. I was very worried about it. The Tuition Centre and Mr. O Leary helped me focus my study and made sure I practiced my maths leading up to the exam.
Absolutely delighted. Mr O’ Leary predicted a H3 for me based on my mock result and he was dead on.
I taught myself chemistry throughout fifth and sixth year as my school didn’t offer it as a subject. This of course was rather challenging and at times I wondered would I even pass the exam! Your classes were beyond helpful. I had done multiple other online grinds and classes and yours certainly helped the most. I am delighted to say that I got a H2 in chemistry!! Your teaching style, exam advice and dedication played no small role in my result. Thank you so much!!
I cannot recommend the maths grinds enough! It really helped me to focus and understand anything I had been struggling with in school. I only wish I had started sooner. Thank you
Shocked but the positivity from Eoghan throughout the year made it seem possible
Really happy with it, the tuition centre helped massively!
I whole heartedly believe that the reason i went from a H8 to a H4 in maths was solely due to the maths grinds. As soon as I started these grinds everything fell into place and I somehow managed 60+ % in maths.
Hard work pays off and the grinds really helped me achieve my goal grade.
When I first started Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths, it is fair to say I was completely out of my depth. I struggled with basic algebra, an essential skill to get through the course. On failing my fifth year Christmas Maths exam I felt deflated and knew that I needed help to just pass this exam in the Leaving Cert.

After some research, I discovered the Tuition Centre. For me and my very busy parents it really stood out as I could do all the grinds online. For Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths they were especially amazing as I could go to the live class and ask all the questions I wanted and then I could also re-watch the class if I struggled with that specific topic. Both my grade and outlook changed towards Higher Level Maths and I began to look forward to my weekly grind with Eoghan.

In sixth year, the class was divided in H6-H3 hopefuls and H2-H1 hopefuls. This again was something essential for Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths as the H1-H2 class moved at a very quick pace but we still had the option to go back to the other class for certain topics that were more difficult. It was so helpful.

Throughout sixth year, Eoghan hosted countless revision courses which is where I believe I learnt the most, although they were intense. His positive attitude towards the course and sense of humour made them so enjoyable and well worth all the time, as they say, maths is all about PRACTICE! Fast forward a couple of months, I sat both my school pre and the free pre exam provided by the Tuition Centre and achieved a H2 and a H1, respectively. I could not have achieved results like these without the help of Eoghan.

I am delighted to say with Eoghan’s help I have not only gained loads of confidence with maths but have gotten a H1 in my Leaving Cert exam! Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths is a long and tough course, but with Eoghan’s help and a lot of PRACTICE, I believe anyone is capable of achieving their desired grade.

His predictions were spot on. I think Mr O’Leary’s grinds definitely boosted my confidence. It was a quiet time where I could just do maths, and not worry about the other 7 subjects I had to study for.
I attended your online classes during the Easter holidays and I am forever grateful. I got an O2 and I’m thankful for your help. I would definitely recommend your classes to a friend!!
Before going into fifth year I never imagined doing LC Higher Level Maths. It was a subject I always struggled with and the study time I was spending on maths was not being reflected in my result. I thought of dropping to Ordinary Level on numerous occasions during 5th year.

At the beginning of 6th year, I heard about ‘The Tuition Centre’ - I was sceptical about it to say the least, especially for Maths - I was not sure how well an online grind would work, since it is a ‘hands- on’ subject. However, the positives attached to online grinds, such as no travel time (everything being done from my desk at home!), the flexibility of being able to revisit classes to recap on a topic I was not fully grasping etc.. made me give these online classes a go. Also, ‘The Tuition Centre’ held a ‘free online class' which allowed me experience a sample class before I signed up, so I had nothing to lose. Two different classes were run based on the grade you hoped to achieve, so the pace of the class suited my ability.

It only took one class with the Maths Tutor, Eoghan O’Leary for me to realise that he was a teacher with a difference! He was passionate about the subject, broke down impossible questions into achievable and doable tasks. Before each lesson he sent an email with printable material so you were prepared for the class. The classes were a split between Eoghan going through material on each of the topics and then focussing on exam paper questions relating to this area. He always encouraged us to ask questions and there was never any problem if you needed to email him with any queries. Eoghan’s mantra when faced with a challenging Maths question is “If you don’t know what to do, do what you know”, this really stuck with me because if you can take the first step in answering a question, then the following steps usually fall into place. Eoghan certainly boosted my confidence and put me in a place where I felt able for the challenge of sitting the LC Maths Higher Level paper.

Revision courses were held during Christmas/Easter and midterm breaks which helped me recap topics. There was also a 21 day revision course held on the three weeks running up to the Maths exam. This covered a specific topic each night and Eoghan was exceptional at providing tips, techniques and even predictions on the Maths LC exam.

So definitely based on my experience with this online grind class I would have no hesitation in recommending the Tuition Centre and its teachers for online grind.

I am so delighted to have achieved a H3 in maths. With the bonus points it gives me more CAO points than even a H1 in any other subject!!
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