Getting Higher Leaving Cert Maths Grinds or Junior Cert Maths Grinds? Here are 5 ways to make the most of your Halloween revision time.

No matter how well you’re getting on in your normal school classroom – or in your Higher Leaving Cert Maths Grinds or Junior Cert Maths Grinds - there’s always a huge opportunity to make a big stride forward during school breaks such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

But before you tell yourself that you’re going to spend the entire break boning up on your various subjects, here are a few important things to consider.

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You’re entitled to your break, so don’t be guilty about taking it

Even if you’re feeling that your Higher Leaving Cert Maths Grinds or Junior Cert Maths Grinds are playing a big part in your progress, don’t forget that you’re entitled to rest between bouts of serious work.

So if you’ve been putting your head down diligently for the for the past weeks, maybe cut yourself a little slack and give yourself time off over the Halloween break.

Don’t think of it as ‘time wasted’, but rather see it as in investment in your physical and mental health, which will both have an impact on how you fare come exam time next summer.

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense. First of all, it prevents you from becoming ‘stale’ – bored with studying and lacking in appetite for any more of it. By taking a break, you can get your mojo back by spending time with friends, getting out to socialise, or maybe taking part in sport or exercise.

Make fun part of your schedule.

When we suggest taking some time off at Halloween, this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon the books entirely during your break – but simply suggests that you schedule in some fun time at the same time as you’re scheduling in your revision plan during your time off.

This applies equally whether you’re engaging in Higher Leaving Cert Maths grinds or Junior Cert Maths grinds – the principle is the same.

We’ve written in the past about the importance of a written study plan, and you can create a micro-pan for Halloween – which will let you stay on the straight and narrow in terms of study, but also let you come back after the break fully refreshed and ready to go again!

Once you maintain a sense of balance between fun time and study time, there’s no need to feel guilty that you’re falling behind!

Use the time for some cunning research

Regardless of whether you’re taking Higher Leaving Cert Maths grinds or Junior Cert Maths grinds, Halloween is a great time to see what fellow grind students are up to – and how they’re getting on. If, for example, you find that many of them are struggling with a particular part of the course, this indicates that it’s tough – so don’t be too hard on yourself if you too are finding it hard going.

Talking to students from other grind schools is also a good way of reassuring yourself that you’ve made the right decision in opting for The Tuition Centre. We’re prepared to bet that you’ll hear very few other students in the whole of Ireland talking with so much respect and admiration for their teachers – particularly when it comes to Higher Leaving Cert Maths grinds and Junior Cycle Maths grinds.

Don’t forget your family

While you might sometimes feel that you’re on your own as you prepare for your exams, remember that your parents are also very much invested in your efforts, and really want you to do well.

Not for their own sake – but for yours!

Remember, too, that other members of your family might be facing exams, whether at second or third level of the education cycle.

There might even be some taking Higher Leaving Cert Maths grinds and others taking Junior Cert Maths grinds. So make sure you take a little time over the Halloween break and check in with them. It might surprise you how reassuring it feels when you find that there are more people in the same boat as you – even under the same roof!

Keep an eye on your sleep

While it’s only natural that you might change your sleep pattern a little over an extended break, you should make sure to keep an eye on how much time you’re spending asleep.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get to bed till two in the morning, but remember to balance that at the other end of the sale. If you normally get eight or nine hours sleep, then this is what your body needs, so make sure you don’t short-change yourself over Halloween.

And whether you’re doing Higher Leaving Cert Maths grinds or Junior Cert Maths grinds, take the difference in age into account. As a general rule, the younger you are the more sleep you’ll need, so maybe schedule an extra hour in bed if you’re in the run-up to the Junior Cert.

Test your weaknesses

For most students, there may be parts of a course where they struggle, but other parts where they’re absolutely flying. The extra time you have at Halloween is a good time to give yourself a little test or two.You could ask fellow students to set a few questions for you – or perhaps ask your parents.

Either way, it will give you a good idea of how far off the pace you might be.

Whether you’re taking Higher Leaving Cert Maths Grinds or Junior Cert Maths Grinds, this is a really good way to check in on your own progress, letting you ask for further assistance when you return to your normal classroom studies or grinds.