Your success in Leaving Cert English could depend on the decision you make right now – so are Online English Grinds on the cards for you this year?

While we’ve never been huge fans of making new year’s resolutions which will only last for a few days, it’s a fact of life that the beginning of a year is a great time to sit down and have a cold, hard look at where you’re going in your life – and what you need to do to change things if you’re unhappy with the direction you’re taking.

And one of the things you may need to address is whether you need to investigate Online English Grinds as a means of getting the points you need to get you into your preferred third level course. You may also want to look at Leaving Cert English Grinds if you’re considering a career in teaching and need to have a strong grounding in this core subject.  

So what sort of questions should you be asking yourself right now. Well the first one, of course, is whether you believe you’d benefit from Online English Grinds. Past exam experience is a good barometer, as are any mock exams that your school may have facilitated. At the end of the day, it’s you who is the expert on your English studies. If you’ve been studying diligently but can’t quite get the grade you’re looking for, then there’s every chance that the addition of Leaving Cert English Grinds to your armoury could get you over the line successfully.

If, however, you’re nowhere near where you need to be, the it might be wiser to focus on other subjects where you believe you could make up ground, and forego Leaving Cert English Grinds for the present.

At this stage, the calendar is reading ‘January’, so there is obviously a limited amount of time available to you to make a real and measurable difference to your exam results. That said, we’ve had hundreds of students who’ve made massive strides in that timeframe by opting for Online English Grinds.
A step we often recommend at this time of year is to talk to your everyday English teacher, as he or she will have a very shrewd ideas as to how likely you are to fare come exam time. It’s what they do for a living, so their guidance can often be very helpful in making a decision as to whether you really need Online English Grinds.

You should also ask yourself what your relationship with the subject is. If you’re mad about reading and literature, for example, there’s every chance that this will reflect itself in your exam performance. If, on the other hand, you’ve more of an interest in subjects other than language, then maybe it’s time to be realistic about how much good you could accrue by opting for Leaving Cert English Grinds.

Another reason for many people to opt for Leaving Cert English Grinds is to give themselves a ‘banker’ subject, which will take some of the pressure off them when it comes to less favoured subjects. Again, this is a highly subjective exercise, and you’re the only real authority on whether this is true for you or not.
You should also ask yourself how much time and commitment you can afford to give to Leaving Cert English Grinds. It’s an additional demand on your time, and you’ll need to give your new tutor a chance by turning up for online lectures, allocating time for revision etc. If you’re prepared to commit, we can assure you that our tutors will also commit, giving you the support and the encouragement you need to succeed in English next summer.
It's also worth considering the power of listening to a new voice. Your current teacher may be doing a great job for many of his or her students, but hearing someone new explain things to you in your Leaving Cert English Grinds can be a very potent way of changing the outcome.
Yet another thing to take into account is whether Online English Grinds will give you enough of a ‘bump’ in your expected points to get you into your preferred third level course, if that’s the route you plan to go. If you believe that there could be another twenty points in it, for example, then it may very well worth the investment.
And even if your current teacher thinks that you’re doing pretty well in your English studies, the additional impetus of Online English Grinds is often the start of a new mastery of the subject, with its resultant increase in your points total.

But whatever your decision may be over the coming few weeks, we can assure you that the quality of Online English Grinds is absolutely first class, and signing up could well be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your academic career.