7 Tips for Parents to Help Teenagers Develop Effective Study Skills

Are you worried about your teenager's exams? Struggling to get them to study? Well, it happens, especially if your teen is more geared towards entertainment and fun. However, you can use the following tips to improve their study skills and help them secure good grades in their examination. 

1. Designate an Appropriate Study Area

Does your teenager study in random areas, such as a corner?
Or do they study while watching TV or playing games on a mobile phone?

If so, you certainly have to designate a separate study area for them. Having a proper space to do homework will help them prepare for the upcoming exams.

The area should be well lit and accommodate all the essential tools and items for studying, such as books and pens.

2. Set Rules for Phone Use

Using a mobile phone during study hours can be a big distraction.

Ask your teenager to avoid using all smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones, unless necessary. Make it clear that they can only use their mobile to get help for a complex assignment. 

3. Focus on Consistency

If you want your teenager to build excellent study skills, they need to be consistent. Set a time to study that is feasible for your teenager and ensure that they do homework and prepare assignments every day at the same time. 

4. Consider Your Teenager’s Development Level when Determining Study Hours

Are you thinking about advising your teenager to study three to four hours just because many children in your family do that?

Keep in mind that every teenager has a different attention span. Most importantly, some teens learn fast, while others take time.

Choose a flexible time and studying hours based on your teenager's needs and abilities. Allow them to take breaks and offer them a reward, such as a chocolate bar after they complete a task.

5. Remove Distractions

Are the exams a few weeks away? Then, you may know that the biggest problem during the exam days is your teenager’s inability to do the work. Generally, it’s because of avoidance and procrastination, which can have several reasons.

The easiest way to help your teen focus on homework is to eliminate distractions in your home. Try to turn off the TV, and don’t use a smartphone while assisting them with their school work. Also, notice the impact of technology on your teenager. Ask them whether the background music is helping them concentrate or is it distracting them.

6. Teach Them to Study

Keep in mind that studying is more than completing homework. There are several things your teenager should do in addition to doing assignments and completing homework.
Motivate your teen to read a chapter or study charts or tables. Ask them to skim studying material more often. Teach them to make their own flashcards to review formulas, states, dates, complex terms, etc.

7. Encourage Proper Sleep and Nutrition

If you want your teenager to develop effective study skills, you need to encourage them to sleep at least 8 hours every night. This will help them relax their mind and body and stay fresh while studying.
Consuming the necessary amount of essential nutrients is important for an active and energetic body and mind. So, make sure your teens are eating three times a day.
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Bottom Line

Developing effective study skills is not as challenging as you may think. You only need to organise your teenager’s life so that they can focus on studying.