21 Day  LEAVING CERT HIGHER LEVEL MATHS Challenge 2022    

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what last year's students said:

  • Teacher
    Eoghan O'Leary
  • Level
    Leaving Certificate - Higher
  • Dates
    23 May - 12 June
  • Duration
    40 minutes
  • Time
    8:00 - 8:40 PM
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The 21 Day Leaving Certificate Maths Challenge consists of 21 masterclasses covering each of the main Leaving Certificate Maths topics. Beginning on May 23rd, it will take place at 8 p.m. for the 21 evenings before the State exams in June.

The feedback from the 2021 course was phenomenal and Mr. O’Leary is confident this year’s challenge will be even better! 

This challenge is designed to support students, as they finish school and embark on intensive independent study in the lead up to their State Exams in June. It gives students structure, focus and access to a teacher with a proven track record and unparalleled expertise in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths.

Eoghan's students consistently achieve outstanding results, with 30% of his students receiving a H1 and 60% a H2 or higher at Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths, year after year for the past 15 years.
*Typically 8% of students receive a H1, but in 2021 this was 15%

Why You should Join the challenge:

The Leaving Certificate 21 Day Maths Challenge is designed to:  

  • Reduce Stress: Mr. O'Leary will support you, encourage you and enable you with the tools to success thus ensuring that your stress levels are reduced.
  • Increase Confidence: As your stress is reduced and you belief in your maths ability improves so will your confidence in your ability to success in the Leaving Certificate.
  • Get Results though a focused and structured revision challenge that will focus on the likely elements which will be examined in each topic in 2022.  

If you are doing Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths in 2022 – Join the Maths Challenge you will not regret it!

Day 1 (23 May):  Tricky Algebra Q's
Day 2 (24 May):  Logs and Indices
Day 3 (25 May):  Functions
Day 4 (26 May):  Trig Equations and Identities
Day 5 (27 May):  Complex Numbers
Day 6 (28 May):  Tricky Line Q's
Day 7 (29 May):  The Circle
Day 8 (30 May):  Stats: All the calculations
Day 9 (31 May):  Probability 1
Day 10 (01 June):  Trig Problem Solving
Day 11 (02 June):  Area and Volume
Day 12 (03 June):  Sequences and Series 1
Day 13 (04 June):  Financial Maths
Day 14 (05 June):  Differentiation Skills
Day 15 (06 June):  Integration
Day 16 (07 June):  Paper 1 Formal Proofs
Day 17 (08 June):  Sequences and Series 2
Day 18 (09 June):  Differentiation Problem Solving
Day 19 (10 June):  Geometry: What you must know
Day 20 (11 June):  Probability 2  
Day 21 (12 June):  Inferential Stats

100% of students would recommend the 21 Day maths challenge to a friend!

What did previous students have to say?

A brilliant course- it was a perfect refresher of the maths course just before the exam. The teacher was patient and couldn’t be more helpful!
Eimear from Offaly
I can’t recommend this course enough. I'm so delighted I signed up to it. It was a such great way to keep focused in the weeks coming up to the exam and revise everything.
Grace from Cork
This course was amazing, Eoghan went over and beyond for all of us doing the course! I highly recommend to anyone considering a course at The Tuition Centre.
Maura from Dublin