21 Day Challenge 2023 Higher Level junior Cycle MAths 

what our students say:

  • Teacher
    John O'Sullivan
  • Level
    Junior Cycle - Higher
  • Dates
    19 May - 08 June
  • Duration
    40 minutes
  • Time
    8:00 - 8:40 PM
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Through a series of masterclasses beginning on May 19th, at 8 p.m. and running for 21 consecutive days prior the State exams in June, our renowned Junior Cycle Maths teacher John O'Sullivan will guide you through the key topics on the Junior Cycle Maths programme.

Mr O'Sullivan, an experienced teacher, is passionate about Maths and has an in-depth knowledge of what is needed to succeed in the Junior Cycle exam. He will be using this knowledge and experience to give you hints, tips and predictions which will help you maximise your performance in the Junior Cycle exam.  
Each masterclass will be recorded and can be accessed by you as often as you wish right up to examination day.

Why You should Join the challenge:

This challenge is designed to help you maximise your performance in the Junior Cycle Higher Level Maths exam. It will give help you:

Structure and focus your study in the run-up to the Junior Cycle exams.

Review the key maths concepts and give you access to recordings of the lessons right up to exam day.Manage your stress and build your maths confidence.

Maximise your performance by giving you hints, tips and an exam plan that works.

Day 1 (19 May):  Numbers: Sets, Rational, Irrational, Real Numbers, Commutative & Associative
Day 2 (20 May):  Numbers: Factors, Multiples, Primes, Prime Factors
Day 3 (21 May):  Indices, Scientific Notation, Surds, Index Equations
Day 4 (22 May):  Algebra: Expressions, Generate Expressions, Simplifying Fractions
Day 5 (23 May):  Algebra: Equations (Linear & Quadratic), Equations with Fractions; Inequalities
Day 6 (24 May):  Algebra: Long Division & Factorising; Manipulating Equations
Day 7 (25 May):  Patterns: Generating expressions from tables/graphs; working with graphs
Day 8 (26 May):  Functions: Basic Functions Questions
Day 9 (27 May):  Functions: Harder Functions Questions
Day 10 (28 May):  Functions: Graphs, Stories and Formulae
Day 11 (29 May):  Arithmetic: Measure, Time, Speed, Distance, Perimeter, Volume & Area
Day 12 (30 May):  Arithmetic: Money, Tax, VAT, Interest, Currency, Ratio, Margin & Mark-Up
Day 13 (31 May):  Trigonometry 1: Sin, Cos, Tan, Pythagoras
Day 14 (01 June):  Trigonometry 2: Sin, Cos, Tan, Pythagoras – more difficult problems
Day 15 (02 June):  Coordinate Geometry: Midpoint, Distance, Slope, Equation, Point of Intersection
Day 16 (03 June):  Coordinate Geometry: Parallel & Perpendicular lines, Different forms of Equations
Day 17 (04 June):  Geometry: Using Theorems to solve problems: Similar Triangles
Day 18 (05 June):  Geometry: Working with Congruent Triangles and Theorems
Day 19 (06 June):  All 15 Constructions
Day 20 (07 June):  Working with Statistics  
Day 21 (08 June):  Working with Probability

What did previous students have to say?

A brilliant course- it was a perfect refresher of the maths course just before the exam. The teacher was patient and couldn’t be more helpful!
Eimear from Offaly
I can’t recommend this course enough. I'm so delighted I signed up to it. It was a such great way to keep focused in the weeks coming up to the exam and revise everything.
Grace from Cork
This course was amazing, Eoghan went over and beyond for all of us doing the course! I highly recommend to anyone considering a course at The Tuition Centre.
Maura from Dublin