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My son accredits his love for maths to Mr Shaw because he is brilliant at explaining it in different ways, and to all students (and not just the mathematically gifted ones, as many teachers do). So, in one sentence. Mr Shaw is the teacher every students would like to have and every school should have. I wish my children could keep him as their teacher until they graduate. Astrid (parent)


Daire Shaw is an excellent teacher much appreciated by both my children; his lessons are always clear, well-structured and engaging. He covers the material carefully, making sure the children understand before moving ahead. His online videos are brilliant; he has a gift for presenting new and complex material in an appealing and memorable way, with touches of humour that ensure the pupils enjoy learning. This is a particular achievement for a subject that can be quite dry and hard-going for some. I highly recommend his classes. Emma (parent)


I have known Daire Shaw as a maths and PE teacher for over 5 years and he is the type of teacher every child wants and should have. He inspires and motivates his students and engages them in his subject matter. During the pandemic he made online learning fun and interesting by trying out different ideas to keep his students enthused. 
  • Teacher
    Daire Shaw
  • Level
    2nd Year
  • Tuesday 21 Feb
    5:30 - 6:30 PM 
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Algebra is a fundamental Maths skill for Junior Cycle. During this FREE class Daire will explain and introduce you to 2nd year Algebra. He will give you a basic understanding of this topic. 
Daire is a dynamic teacher who is interested in the overall education and development of his students. He prides himself on putting the 'fun' into the fundamentals of Maths. 

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