Leaving Cert Maths Higher Level
Paper 1 & 2 Free Pre Exams 2024

  • Teacher
    Eoghan O'Leary
  • Exam
    Leaving Certificate 2024
  • Level
    6th Year Higher Level
  • Dates
    April 13th (Paper 1) & April 20th (Paper 2)
  • Duration
    2hrs 30 mins per Exam Paper
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Meet Your Teacher

Eoghan O'Leary

This is the 9th year of this FREE and unique initiative. It gives you the chance to test yourself and measure how you have improved since your Mock Exams. You will learn how to correct your own exams and find out where you are losing marks! 

Our Head of Maths, Mr Eoghan O’Leary will provide the exams, the marking schemes and video explanations. Students and teachers have told us that the results they obtain from The Tuition Centre Pre Exam is a good indicator of their eventual LC result.  Stress levels reduce after taking these exams when you see how you have improved since your February Mock exams. Eoghan has been teaching Maths for over 20 years with incredible results.

60% of Eoghan's students receive a H2 or better in Higher Level Leaving Cert Maths, year after year for the past 20 years.

How it Works:

  • FREE Pre/Mock HL LC Maths Papers: 

  • Download Paper 1 on April 13th and Paper 2 on April 20th.

  • Easy to follow Marking Schemes: Can be accessed straight away so that students can correct their own exam. 

  • Detailed Videos going through each answer step by step and explaining where students are likely to make errors.

  • Practice under exam conditions to help you on your journey to achieve your best grade possible in Higher Level Leaving Certificate Maths.

  • Access: you will have access to the exam and answers so you can retake the exam as often as you like.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Taking our exam, gives you the chance to practice under exam conditions and find out where you need to improve further. 
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Mr O'Leary has set a FREE HL Leaving Cert Maths Paper 1 & Paper 2 for you to practice before June, consisting of:

  • 2 hr 30 min exams (Paper 1 and Paper 2)
  • Marking Schemes which are easy to follow to help you correct the exams.
  • Video Answers with detailed explanations

These pre exams are designed to help you see where you may need some extra help or work in order to achieve your highest possible grade in your Leaving Cert. Students tell us that their confidence improves after taking these exams, because they can see they are making progress towards their desired grade.

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