Biology - Leaving Cert
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  • Teacher
    Dr Declan Cathcart
  • Level
    Leaving Certificate
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    Sample Class
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In this FREE online class, Declan will provide an overview of the Leaving Cert Biology course. You will get a feel for what he will offer in his weekly classes and experience the benefits of online tuition.   
These grinds are taught by our award-winning Biology teacher, Dr Declan Cathcart.
Dr Cathcart will guide you through the Leaving Certificate Biology course giving you the confidence and the ability you need in this subject.

What to expect:

Exam-focused live grinds. 
Highest quality comprehensive notes, self-assessment docs, retrieval practice question sets, definitions flashcards, and other study aids.
Recorded grinds: if you can’t make a particular week or simply want to review something later, you can access the recorded grind.
Suitable for 5th and 6th years, or for those repeating or taking Biology as an extra subject.

For 6th years:
 There may be gaps in your knowledge or you need to deepen your understanding of some difficult topics. This course will give you the chance to fill those gaps.
For 5th years: The course will help you to keep on top of a subject that is content-heavy and fast-moving in the first year of the Leaving Certificate cycle.
Biology as an extra subject? This course will ensure that you have all the support and resources that you need to succeed in the 2024 Leaving Certificate Biology exam.
What will be covered:

  • An introduction to Biology as a Leaving Cert subject.
  • An overview of topics that will be covered in the online weekly grinds.
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Our students love us

The classes were brilliant, very informative and taken at a great pace. The slides were useful and easy to follow. Dr Cathcart is a great teacher and very nice. He answers all questions asked. 10/10 recommendation. Very confident for Biology exam! Thank you!
Excellent tuition, excellent notes & all delivered by an excellent teacher. Highly recommend this course.
Amazing class! Notes are so good. I found the notes helped me answer exam questions with ease! Would highly recommend.
Everything was perfect. I was so satisfied with the class. Will definitely recommend to friends going into 6th year!