Leaving Cert Irish
Higher Level Oral Preparation Course

  • Teacher
    Clara Coll
  • Exam
    Leaving Certificate Oral
  • Level
    6th Year Higher Level
  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Learning Mode
    Live online
  • Day
    Saturday 9th March
  • Time
    10:00 - 12:00
  • Max Students
    Maximum 10 Students

€77 for course

Cameras on, microphones on.
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Meet Your Teacher

Clara Coll

The Irish Oral is worth 40% of your overall grade in the Leaving Certificate.
This course will focus on all topics of the oral exam equally. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice, improve your stór focal and grammar on this interactive online course. The course is provided by a fluent Gaeilgeoir and a current SEC oral examiner. 
There will be tips and tricks to help you ace your Irish Oral.
This course will provide you with the tools to improve you vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and, most importantly, confidence.

Clara is a fluent Gaeilgeoir and a current SEC oral examiner. With numerous years of experience teaching in different school settings, Clara has also spent some time working as a teagascóir na Gaeilge in the Irish Department in Maynooth University. 
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What will be

  • Practice Questions - Practice questions and answers will be provided for most topics that you could be asked. Topics include Mé Fein/Mo Chlann/ Mo Cheantar/An Scoil/Obair/Tar éis an scoil/ Samhradh/ La Fhéile Phádraig/ Tuairímí srl..
  • Sample Answers - Sample answers to all questions that the SEC Examiner is advised to ask will be given. This will include keywords, the correct verbs and tenses to use. 
  • Comhrá - One of the most important parts of the oral. This is where you lead the conversation and take charge. You steer the conversation and bring up topics that you want to talk about. You will be  guided on how to steer the conversation. You need to be doing the majority of the talking. 
  • Sraith Pictiúr - The dreaded Sraith Pictiúr!!! You will be guided on how to ace your Sraith Pictiúr. In depth notes will be provided, including keywords, verbs and tenses to use. Sample sentences for each picture along with numerous sample questions that you can ask the examiner as your 3 questions. Lots of tips and tricks provided! 
Live, interactive and exam-focused online course to help you achieve your best grade possible in your oral exam.

Recorded class: you will have access to the class recording so you can replay it at your own pace, as often as you like.

High quality comprehensive notes and audio samples.
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