Leaving Cert French
Higher Level - Oral Preparation Course

  • Teacher
    Theresa McMullin
  • Exam
    Leaving Certificate
  • Level
    6th Year Higher Level
  • Learning Mode
    Live online
  • Duration
    2 Hours
  • Day
    Saturday 16th March
  • Time
    11:00 - 13:00
  • Max Students
    Maximum 10 Students

€77 for course

Cameras on, microphones on.
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Meet Your Teacher

Theresa McMullin

The oral exam is worth 100 marks (25% of the total exam). 
A thorough revision of oral material can push you up a full grade! 
The oral exam is also valuable for students, as many elements of the oral exam can be found in the written paper. This course will prepare you not only for the oral exam, but also for the written exam in June.

Theresa has been teaching French at many levels for almost 40 years and examining in Oral and written exams for 35 years.
She will draw on her experience to help you feel more confident going into your French Oral exam.
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What will be
Covered in this Course

This course will provide useful exam tips.

You will cover:
  • Recap of format of exam. Breakdown of marks/le document. 
  • The role of the examiner.
  • Comments from Chief Examiners` reports.
  • Essential vocabulary.
  • Common errors and pitfalls and how to avoid them. (eg pronunciation, agreements, verb
  • How to keep the conversation flowing and repair a breakdown in communication.
  • How to expand on your answers and demonstrate your knowledge of relevant
    vocabulary and structures.
  • Detailed discussion of main topics with sample questions and answers.

  • Comprehensive notes will be provided.
Live, interactive and exam-focused online course to help you achieve your best grade possible.

Recorded course: you will have access to the course recording so you can replay it at your own pace, as often as you like.

High quality comprehensive notes.
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