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    Daire Shaw
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    S7 5P EN
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This FREE Sample pre-recorded class is delivered by Mr Daire Shaw. You will get an insight into the benefits of online grinds and what you can achieve by attending.
Daire has been giving extra tuition to students in EB Maths for 10 years and has worked in the European School of Strasbourg for the last 7 years. He has been on the team developing the European Baccalaureate Maths examination papers and correcting examinations. This gives Daire intimate knowledge of the exams and how they are marked, placing him in the best position to best assist students in achieving their highest possible grades.
He has a high level of understanding of Maths, its intricacies and basics, having finished top of his class in Mathematical Studies in University College Cork, Ireland. Daire has a strong capacity for finding the missing details to facilitate learning and an ability to find explanations which work for a variety of learners.
Daire is a dynamic teacher who is interested in the overall education and development of his students. He prides himself on putting the fun into the fundamentals of Maths. 
Attending Daire's weekly grinds will give you the knowledge you need to approach your EB Maths exams with clarity and confidence.

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Our students love us

A big thank you to Mr O'Leary. His lessons gave me fundamental maths skills, excellent exam tips and advice and confidence in my maths ability. Mr O'Leary's advice, "when you don’t know what to do, do what you know“ helped me to start all exam questions, and that first step led the way to a grade I am so proud of.
Thanks so much to Eoghan for all his support over the last 2 years. Thanks to Eoghan, I got a H2 in the exam. I am delighted.
Can’t thank Eoghan enough for all his help. He answered every question I had and I’m 100% sure, I wouldn’t have got a H1 without his help. Thank you so much.
Highly recommend Mr. O’Leary’s classes. Such a nice person who puts in so much effort to each lesson. He gives time to each student and answers every question! Really good environment in the classes which also encouraged everyone to work hard.