Ag science
Leaving Cert - 
Online Weekly Grinds

  • Teacher
    Marcella Colum
  • Level
    6th Year
  • Start Date
    06 September
  • Duration
    29 Weeks
  • Tuesdays
    8:00PM - 9:00 PM
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Marcella is an Assistant Principal and she  has  been  teaching  Agricultural  Science  for  over  20 years.  She  has  examined  with  the  State Examinations Commission in  the  practicals  for  the  previous  Agricultural  Science  course  and she also writes  the  Leaving Cert mock  examination  papers  at  Higher  and  Ordinary  level. She has  corrected  Examination  papers  for  the  SEC  in  Maths  and Agricultural  Science.  Marcella  has  worked  as  a  facilitator  for  a  number  of  years  with  PDST  giving  courses  to  teachers  in  Agricultural  Science. Marcella's qualifications include an  honours  degree  from  UCD  in  Agricultural  Science,  H-Dip  in  Education  from  NUIG,  a  Masters  in  Education  from  NUIG,  a  Postgraduate  Diploma  in  Gaeilge  from  NUIG   and  a  second  Masters  from  Waterford  I.T  in  Management  in  Education.
Marcelle is an excellent teacher who has an intimate knowledge of the Leaving Certificate Examination and will provide you with the knowledge you need to approach this subject with confidence.

What to expect:

Live online grinds.
Interactive online classes to help you achieve your best grade possible in your Leaving Cert.
Highest quality comprehensive notes.
Recorded classes: you will have access to each class recording so you can replay the classes at your own pace, as often as you like.
Develop a clear understanding of the fundamental skills needed for Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science.
What will be covered:
  • Strand 1 - Scientific Practices
  • Strand 2 - Soils
  • Strand 3 - Crops
  • Strand 4 - Animals
  • Cross Cutting Themes throughout topics (where appropriate):
  • Health and Safety
  • Technology
  • Breeding and Genetics
  • Sustainability
  • Policy and Economics
  • Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Food Production
  • Exam related questions
  • Articles on current issues in Agriculture
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Please note: Fees are non-refundable

Our students love us

Thanks James - received the H1 - thanks for everything. Your classes were super.
Unbelievable classes, completed the subject in one year, James is a legend of a teacher.