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  • Exam Technique Guide

    The importance of regular routine. As you would for your school pre or real exams, go to bed early the Friday night before so that you have plenty of energy when you wake up on Saturday morning. Stay away from sugar and energy drinks, as these can affect your performance. Be prepared. Make sure your […]

  • This will help you retain your grade

    Free Maths Pre,  Open To All Leaving Cert Students Nationwide Something To Aim For. With almost 5 weeks away from regular teaching by the end of Easter, have The Tuition Centre Higher Level Maths pre will give you something to aim for in the short-term. Valuable Exam Practice. Normally in Maths lessons, you would be […]

  • 6 exam tips for a better grade

    During The Exam. Read the whole paper – Get a feel for the paper and think about which question you want to start with. Plan your exam – Start with your strongest topic to build confidence and get you into a rhythm for the exam. Attempt everything – Attempt every question even if you’re unsure […]