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Exam Technique Guide

Exam Technique Guide

The importance of regular routine. As you would for your school pre or real exams, go to bed early the Friday night before so that you have plenty of energy when you wake up on Saturday morning. Stay away from sugar and energy drinks, as these can affect your performance.

Be prepared. Make sure your follow your regular routine for exams. Get all your equipment, clock and calculator ready the night before and set up your study desk. Make a ‘do not disturb’ sign for your door.

Turn off your phone! This is a great opportunity to work on your timing in the exam, free from distractions of the exam hall. So, find a regular clock to time yourself rather than your phone so you don’t get tempted!

Have the correct equipment Make sure to have your mathematical set (compass, set squares etc), your Formulae and Tables booklet and your calculator(s). Have plenty of pens and pencils, don’t worry too much about the type of pen but just make sure that it’s dark enough.

Know your calculator. Be familiar with the functions on your calculator for things like correlation coefficient, standard deviation and switching between degrees and radians. Do not waste time and energy in the exam trying to figure them out.

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