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6 exam tips for a better grade

6 exam tips for a better grade

During The Exam.

  • Read the whole paper – Get a feel for the paper and think about which question you want to start with.
  • Plan your exam – Start with your strongest topic to build confidence and get you into a rhythm for the exam.
  • Attempt everything – Attempt every question even if you’re unsure of the topic. Marks are there to be awarded.
  • Don’t forget units! – If there are units in the question (e.g. m, m/s, sec) then there should be units in the answer. Don’t lose out on easy marks!
  • Take a minute! – 2 hours 30 is a long time and no doubt you’ll get stuck. Make sure you have plenty of water, pause and give yourself a minute to regather your thoughts.
  • Read over your paper when you’re done! – When you finish, check your working. You might have left out the units or given your answer in a different form to what is asked in the question.

Remember: the questions will be a mix of easy, medium and difficult. keep working for the 2 hours and 30 minutes the grade you get will reflect how prepared you are if you don’t know what to do, do what you know!

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